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Download V-Ray 1.2.6

Letitbit & Filesonic 
 V-RAY FOR C4D by LAUBlab brings the power of V-Ray to Cinema 4D.
V-Ray offers the fastest rendering technology in the world and has
single handedly transformed the architectural and advertising
industry. Take your renderings to the next level with V-Ray for Cinema
 Full VRay 1.6 core standalone integration into Cinema 4D.
 Windows and OSX versions.
 32bit and 64bit versions.
 Unlimited Cinema4D NET Render support per one license.
 Efficient shading system specifically optimized for ray-tracing.
 Fully multithreaded, even in material preview.
 Supports unlimited cpu`s and cores per workstation, scales extreme
on multi core machines
 Efficient geometry handling
 True instance rendering
 On-demand dynamic geometry creation
 On-demand geometry loading from disk files
 Displacement mapping
 Three different image sampling methods
 Full-scene antialiasing
 Progressive path tracing
 Support for additional render elements (diffuse, reflection, GI etc)
 Advanced color (tone) mapping controls
 Physically accurate full global illumination solutions
 Different GI algorithms: path tracing, irradiance cache, photon
maps, light cache
 Reusable GI solutions for accelerated rendering of walk-through
animations and animations with dynamic objects
 Physically accurate area lights
 Compatible with IES lights
 Efficient illumination from HDR environments
 Physical sun & sky
 Complete support of Cinema4D shaders
 Physically plausible materials
 Blurry reflections/refractions
 Accurate highlights
 Sub-surface scattering
 Support for efficient material layering
 Real Microdisplacement
 Depth-of-field with bokeh effects
 Accurate motion blur
 Physical camera
 Multipass render
 Compositing tag support
 Camera Clipper
 Vray Proxy support
 Volume Lights support
 HAIR module of Cinema4D supported
 Xref support in 10.5

Please follow this simple instructions:

  • Press 'Download' button and download archive
  • Save and unpack downloaded archive
  • Run V_Ray_1_2_6_keygen.exe executable and follow instructions