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Download NewTek LightWave 3D 11.5.1 Build 2525

LightWave - a multifunctional complex for realization of your creative ideas in the field of three-dimensional modeling graphics, extensively used in the film industry, developed by NewTek for professionals dealing with 3D graphics.
LightWave 3D combines a state-of-the-art renderer with powerful, intuitive modeling, and animation tools.
LightWave - Popular package for creating three-dimensional graphics, widely used in video production, television, film production.
Lightwave contains a powerful system polygonal modeling, which also creates based on the landfill surface unit (polygon-based subdivision), which the company Newtek gave the name MetaNURBS (despite the name, Lightwave does not support NURBS modeling, MetaNURBS is the trademark used Newtek'Ohm for their surfaces of the partition).
Contains two main components - modeler modeling and layout for the rest. The third program - Hub is used to automatically synchronize data between modules. Easy to use three-dimensional animation system, with incredible strength.
LightWave 3D is famous for his divided interface, in which the object modeling occurs in one program (Modeler)and the setting of the light, animation and other things in the other (Layout). It is rather a plus, than minus. Plus is interface: the user as part of the object simulation offer people nothing except modeling tools, and anyone now is not the desired set for the scene animation, camera settings, lights, etc. is excluded. Similarly, in the process of setting the illumination of the scene in a divided interface no possibility of accidentally get into editing weight cards or points of an object. This system is very efficient for example, for system in which Modeler placed in one monitor and Layout in another. The result is actually twice the workspace in which an item changed as a Modeler, automatically updated in the Layout.
LightWave 3D provides everything from soaring logos to high-quality animation for film and television. Intuitive interface, powerful Modeler, excellent management animation, high-quality rendering - all this makes LightWave 3D best choice for professionals dealing with 3D graphics. Package LightWave 3D gave the name and fame so popular computer games, as SeaQuest DSV, Legend of Kyrandia, Babylon 5, Unsolved Mysteries, Hercules and Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Improved opportunities LightWave 3D animation become a guide of all your plans to build a professional broadcast graphics, special effects and photo-realistic animation.
Lightwave contains a developed system of animation (bone, framing and inverse kinematics), high-quality rendering, supports multithreading, ray tracing, , global illumination, module preview VIPER, a sub-network rendering Screamernet. Built-in mechanism for particles Hyper Voxels allows you to generate smoke, fire, liquids, fog, clouds, etc.
Lightwave includes three versions of the editor scene: classic, modern and graphics. Editor surfaces (surface editor is used to configure the properties of materials (including setting), the image editor is the basic tools for editing bitmap images.
Powerful system plugin extends the functionality of the package and programming language LScript allows you to write your own scripts.
The program unites more than thousands of animation tools that facilitate and reduce the daily work of the artist. The program provides an easy-to-use and high productivity. Unique and intuitive working environment LightWave 3D enables you to create a direct connection between the invention and the real embodiment.
Cons here refer rather to systems where the user at the end starts to bother throwing between programmes for the redemption of the overloaded interface. The minuses are occasional big problems when necessary to deal simultaneously with modeling in the Modeler and, for example, combining and editing geometry, which would take into account the position of the camera and really captured objects, setting which is only available in the Layout. This is a disadvantage if you have one monitor. But again, the separation of interfaces on modeling and everything else works effectively to systems. Not necessarily for work have two monitors, just in LightWave 3D is more convenient.
Key features:
* About a hundred modeling tools
* Easy creation of image manually and with the help trace
* Simultaneous work with ten layers
* Downloading PostScript fonts
* Ability to preview in the shade and frame the form
* Boolean operations on objects
* Various combinations of objects and creation of well-smoothed objects using functions Metaform
* Enhanced viewing options
* Ability to memorize the sequence of actions as macros
* Animation and morph textures
* Assigning one object of many textures
* A wide variety of surface textures
* Miscalculation 32-bit images in the specified user permission
* Five types of rendering
* Use of realistic options camera
* Generate and plausible miscalculation clouds
* Realistic shadows, reflections and refractions ray tracing technique
* Management of the characteristics of light sources: the type, color, the intensity of the image, light Fleur settings shadows and stuff
* Inspect the attributes, creation of special effects such as moving fog, sifting image, lubrication particles
* Multiple formats support PostScript fonts
* Network rendering
* Keyframe animation
* Using inverse kinematics and realistic character animation
* Animation hierarchies
* The three-dimensional morphing and squeezing image
* Capabilities to the movements
Changes in version 11.5.1:
* A bug was discovered in the MDD Multi-Loader after 11.5.1 had shipped, that caused scenes with NULLs to lock up Layout, apologies for that.

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